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What makes art original?

What makes art original?

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David Leffel and Jeremy Lipking painting the same model at the same time at 2009 Weekend with the Masters

I saw a very interesting post on our site this week about what makes art original, or possibly what defines a piece as original art versus not original. It could just be semantics, who is to define what original in the art world is? Is it more about whether a piece is completely new from the artist, or whether in some way the piece has been created before? Is unique art different than original art?

In this instance, the poster explained that her art was deemed not original because she painted a model in a group with other people painting the same model. So, each piece was just a painting and not an original idea because everyone was painting the same subject matter. To share your opinions about this and read the details click here in the Outside the Studio forum.

Is an idea only original because the model has never been painted in that pose, or the landscape has never been painted from that view, or the cityscape wasnt shot from that one perspective? Or is having ones work created in a group considered collaborative work? Isnt art also the artists perspective of the subject matter not to mention, the artists particular style of portrayal alone with their use of the medium?

Its an interesting thing to decide that some art is not original because it was painted at the same time of the same person.

These kinds of questions come up frequently on Artist Daily. If you havent already participated on the site, in the Galleries and forums, now is the time to share your work and your thoughts.

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