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The Joy of Drawing Dog Portraits

The Joy of Drawing Dog Portraits

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Learn How to Draw

We all admire those people for whom drawing seems to be effortless, sketching out portraits, figures, and landscapes rapidly and with confidence. The best thing about learning to draw is that it not only applies as a foundation for painting and other forms of art, but learning basic drawing techniques will allow you to see an immediate improvement and can assist you in learning to see the world in a new way. Another added benefit to learning to draw: you don’t need a lot of expensive materials and supplies, or even a whole lot of time. Just grab some paper and pencils, charcoals, and a few other supplies that you can carry along with you to sketch anywhere, and take a few minutes every day to practice a value studies or sketches, and you’ll start loving the results!

And why not start with those things around you? Joy discusses how working live is always best, if possible, but you can work from a photographic reference, as she does in this demonstration. But why not practice using a live model, and what better live model than your own favorite furry friends?

The Joy of Drawing Dogs
Joy Thomas is a great instructor, as so many of her students can attest. An award-winning artist, her portraits and commissions have been selected for many juried shows, including the historic Salmagundi Club and the National Arts Club of New York City. Her teaching methods have stood the test of time and experience, and you’ll learn how to apply her classic drawing techniques, so reminiscent of the classic French artists and Old Masters, to your own portraits with relative ease. You’ll learn tips and tools for getting composition and proportions correct and simplifying down into shapes for an approach that will show immediate improvement in your dog portraits.

So often, we associate drawing animals with cartoons or illustration, but combining classic drawing techniques with animal portraits is an ideal way to capture the life and personality of your pet. Plus, with medical studies showing that pets are great for reducing anxiety, stress and other illnesses, and practicing art makes for great therapy, then drawing your dog is a recipe for good health, and dare I say it: Joy. So the next time you get the urge to take your dog (or someone else’s) on a walk in the park, why not grab your sketchbook as well?

What Are You Waiting For?
Preview Classic Pet Portraits: How to Draw a Dog with Joy Thomas now to learn some of her favorite drawing techniques in charcoal.

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