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Top 10 Winning Paintings From the 2012 Over 60 Art Competition

Top 10 Winning Paintings From the 2012 Over 60 Art Competition

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Congratulations to the 2012 winners of Magazine‘s Over 60 Art Competition. The following artists and painters are joyfully obsessed now that they’re free to devote themselves to making art.

Floating By
(acrylic, 30×40)
By Jane Tracey, age 70, Boca Raton, Florida


Temple Bar
(oil, 18×36)
By Rod Williams, age 74, Cameron Park, California


Into the Light
(watercolor on gold-gessoed board, 29½x 29½)
By Rosa Vera, age 62, San Antonio, Texas


Eric Polk
(oil, 48×36)
By Richard Broderick, age 62, Granada Hills, California


Fried Egg Poppy
(collage and acrylic, 24×18)
By Maya Farber, age 76, New York, New York


Late Summer on Chodikee Lake
(oil, 30×45)
By Kathi Coyle, age 63, Kingston, New York

Streaming Light, Fair Trade Café
(pastel, 19×18)
By Sandra Burshell, age 61, New Orleans, Louisiana


(graphite and oil, 36×48)
Gail Postal, age 67, New York, New York


Ain’t She a Duesy
(watercolor and gouache, 30×20)
By Mike Hill, age 69, Gresham, Oregon


Eddie, No. 1 (Marine)
(colored pencil, 40×43)
By John P. Smolko, age 61, Kent, Ohio


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